acTEAvate your day with Highland Tea® & Highland Green Tea®

Highland Tea and Highland Green Tea are naturally blended black and green tea respectively from Mambila Beverages (Nig.) Limited. They are naturally healthy, distinct, authentic and manufactured according to traditional methods that maintain their quality and freshness.

Highland Green Tea

Production Quality

Produced freshly on the heights of Mambila Plateau with utmost international standards using modern technology, Highland Tea and Highland Green Tea combines nature freshness and quality to give farm fresh products with great quality taste.

Unique Benefits of Tea

High Blood Pressure

Reduce the risk of high blood pressure

Glucose Level

Regulate glucose level by slowing the rise of sugar level after meal

Heart Attacks

Protect against the formation of clots which are primary causes of heart attacks


Lower bad cholesterol in the blood

All Natural.

Tea is Nature’s gift to mankind and we treat this gift with respect, ensuring utmost care in handling from the tea nursery to our customers. Packed fresh at source, Highland Tea & Highland Green Tea guarantees perfect taste and maximum satisfaction and gives a truly genuine tea experience.

Customer Feedback

Madam Patience (a.k.a Mama Urhobo), Lagos.

A young man gave me the Highland Tea (both) as gifts explaining their healthy especially as I’m in my sixties. Ever since then, I’ve been drinking these teas because of healthy results I’ve witnessed. I take the teas morning and night. So good.

Dr J. Kolawole, Ogun State.

The Highland Green Tea is very healthy. I’ve been drinking it and I can say it’s such a quality and healthy tea.

Highland Tea

Choose Your Favorite Variety

Highland Tea and Highland Green Tea are black and green tea respectively blended naturally to deliver great taste and health benefits.

Green Tea

Black Tea

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